Visa Pro


Consular Services


Tel Aviv, Israel





The Brand

Visa Pro is consular services company based in Tel Aviv, Israel that specializes in issuing electronic travel authorizations (e-visas) to India, for the Israeli market.

Visa Pro has made the visa issuing process accessible for Israelis by providing a full support in Hebrew, thus allowing local clients operate in a language that they feel comfortable with.

Scope of Project

Visa Pro was our first client, so the scope of the project with them was vast as we developed the brand’s identify completely from scratch.

Web Development

We started with complete web design and development. Visa Pro’s website was not a simple one page site, since it had to have complex functionality.

We then implemented a form that had to adhere to terms and information required by the Indian authorities.

We also brought about an e-commerce payment gateway in the website, so customers could complete transactions efficiently without speaking with an agent.

Logo Design

As part of the initial web design, Visa Pro asked us to create a professional logo for them.


Visa Pro also entrusted us with running their marketing campaigns.

We have set up and ran Google PPC campaigns for them, as well as Outbrain and Taboola campaigns.

We were able to provide Visa Pro with an ROAS (return on ad spend) of over 1,000%.

The Process

Every project that we take upon ourselves starts with a comprehensive talk with the business or project owners, so we met with the founder of Visa Pro and talked about their potential market.

Since the business only existed online, it was important for us to create a website that actually converts, and we also knew that there are no second chances in this market.

We knew that conveying trust to Visa Pro’s potential clients would be key element for high conversion, so our process led to a website that immediately conveys trustworthiness, reliability and professionalism.

We have also had to make the entire on-boarding process simple, easy and friction-less to avoid abandonment during the process.


The logo design for Visa Pro was led by the notion that it must convey professionalism and trustworthiness. 

For that purpose we have used a Roman type font, and the calm Blue NCS color.

Color Palette

Blue NCS
Pictorial Carmine
Sizzling Red
Davys Grey

The color palette that was chosen for the website was meant to complement the blue that was chosen for the logo.

The Blue NCS, or as we call it “Visa Pro Blue”, was used as the accent of the web pages, and was used moderately.

Both reds that were used make the gradient of all CTA buttons on the website. Those reds contrast the blue, and were chosen to draw attention.

Lastly, we used greys for texts and headers, as we always argue that these colors are softer on the eyes than black.



Open Sans Hebrew

We used one font throughout the entire site

Open Sans Hebrew was used for all site headers, and body and was chosen because of its professional and clean look.

It is both elegant and classic, as well as easy to read in all weights.