Navoyts Millwork


Custom Kitchens


Winnipeg, MB, Canada





The Brand

Navoyts Millwork is a  custom kitchen cabinetry and woodwork designer & manufacturer based in Winnipeg, MB. 

The specialty of Navoyts Millwork is transforming dated kitchen spaces into the focal point of modern living. They achieve that through modern and unique design, while tailoring each and every kitchen with the available space and owner’s taste.

Before reaching out to us, Navoyts Millwork had no website, and focused most of their marketing efforts on a word of mouth approach.

Scope of Project

As Navoyts Millwork focused their entire online efforts on maintaining a business Facebook page, they did not have a website prior to contacting us.

The first and most important task of this project was to design and develop a website that will showcase Navoyts Millwork projects.

While the main objective of the website was showcasing previous projects, it served another purpose – creating and easy channel of communication between the company and prospecting clients.

The second phase of the project was the creation and implementation of a Google ads PPC campaign, to drive more traffic to the website.

The Process

Every project that we take upon ourselves starts with a comprehensive talk with the business or project owners. Nothing’s more important than a good, clear and detailed plan, because we believe that it is the basis for successful cooperation.

We met with Viktor, the owner and founder of Navoyts Millwork, and discussed current operation of his business to understand the product, and who their customers are.

We wanted to make sure that their work and previous projects speak for themselves, so we focused on what they’ve already done.

Our process led to a website that its main purpose is showcasing Navoyts Millwork custom designs, and how they were actually implemented in real life.

Color Palette

Cyber Yellow
Dark Lava

The color palette that was chosen for the website was based on Navoyts Millwork existing logo (which was not in the scope of the project).

We have used the “Cyber Yellow” that was present in the logo, and complimented it with its matching palette.






We used two different fonts throughout the entire website.
The two fonts that were chosen are both sans-serif type, because we feel these are more down-to-earth and convey the openness and transparency that Navoyts Millwork is well known for..

Poppins was used for all site headers, and was chosen because of its professional and clean look.

Raleway was used for the body text font of the entire website. The font conveys a modern and sleek new kind of class, and that is the exact theme that we wanted to give a contemporary custom kitchen designer.