Goodeye Technologies


Technology, A.I


Winnipeg, MB, Canada





The Brand

Goodeye Technologies is an AI-vision company that develops innovative automation solutions to their customers. The company has a vision of becoming a leading player in the global market. Goodeye wanted to start strong by building brand equity that expressed the mission and vision underpinning the organization’s core values.

Scope of Project

Goodeye was a startup when our project began, so the scope of the work with them required that we develop the brand completely from scratch.

Brand strategy

Goodeye identified trust, privacy and innovation as the cornerstones of their company. Their brand was the first step towards aligning with their audience so they could deeply connect with their market and build awareness within this group.

Web Development

We started with complete web design and development. Goodeye’s site functionality requirements were not too complicated, so we focused on ensuring the copy stood out and the visuals were captivating.

Logo Design

As part of the initial web design, Goodeye asked us to create a professional logo for them.

The Process

Every project that we take upon ourselves starts with a comprehensive talk with the business or project owners, so we met with the co-founders of Goodeye to understand their target market.

Since the business only existed online, it was important for us to create a website that actually converts, and we also knew that there are no second chances in this market.

We knew that conveying trust to Goodeye’s potential clients would be key element for high conversion, so our process led to a website that immediately conveys trustworthiness, reliability and professionalism.


Color Palette

Goodeye Logo 2021 [light]_favicon copy
Goodeye Logo 2021 [dark] icon
Green Blue Crayola
Oxford Blue
Dark Goldenrod
Davys Grey

The color palette that was chosen for the website was meant to complement the blue that was chosen for the logo.

The Green Blue Crayola, or as we call it “BlueEye”, was used as the accent of the web pages, and was used moderately in contrast to Oxford Blue, the darker, bolder shade. The gold contrast to the blue, was chosen to draw attention. 

Lastly, we used greys for texts and headers, as we always argue that these colors are softer on the eyes than black.






We used two different fonts throughout the entire website, both sans-serif type. 

Poppins was used for all site headers, and was chosen because of its professional and clean look.

Montserrat was used for the body text font of the entire website. The font conveys a modern and sleek new kind of class, and that is the exact theme that we wanted to give an innovative technology company. 

Elegant, forward-thinking, as well as easy to read in all weights.